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Who We Are

We see ourselves as an integrated solutions provider to most essential sectors, such as public health, education and wellbeing of the people and organizations to be more efficient and productive enhancing the lives of people and to drive businesses forward. We utilize the services and technology transfer knowledges from foreign countries, develop and assimilate into our national system to ensure the best services are provided to the private and public institutions with the maximum growth and values. We take great pride in the knowledges, skills, expertise and ethics of our employees who put teamwork and customer satisfaction above all else when delivering value to the wellbeing of our clients.


Somali Health Supplies Agency (SOHSA)

SOHSA specializes in pharma-ceutical and health products supply chain services. Our core business is procurement, ware-housing, distribution and customer services to supports the National Health Plan, public and private health facilities, by providing the correct quantity and quality of drugs and supplies at the best market value.

Next Level Technologies Africa(NLTA)

NLTA is a hospital support ser-vices provider, providing support services such as facilities eng-ineering maintenance services, biomedical engineering main-tenance services, cleansing ser-vices, laundry and linen services, hazardous wastes management services, and other related services to the healthcare industry in Africa to provides vital cost-effective solutions and maintenance of healthcare facilities.

Somali Science Mentorship Institute (SOSMI)

SOSMI is an institution offers high quality, dependable and cutting age practical training and mentorship programs for science and medical young professionals, government employees in the country with the aim of shoring up the country’s medical and scientific talent pool with high quality training and learning environ-ment for young entry level and mid-level professionals.

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